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18 January 2013 @ 11:00 pm
-in arizona

-10.5 months clean and i got a sponsor, yay!

-got a great job in social work. i work with people who are mentally ill in really nice group homes. we go for outings, i take them to appts, teach them living skills, cue for medication times, we go to dinner and events, and i give them support when they need it. i really like it. my co-workers are great and supportive - like a big family :)

-just got done with a workshop doing some work on childhood trauma, codependency, anger, addiction, eating disorder, spirituality, and all kinds of things. i talked about a lot of abuse that i never told anyone about. made some great friends. feeling much better but there is still so much to get through and a ton of work to do on myself. it's ok though, i have a lot of support and all the time in the world.

-family situation is less than ideal. my brother is back living with us and is causing hell. he is still active in his addiction but my grandma is pretending nothing is wrong. god, that whole relationship is so unhealthy. i need to get out of there - it is a really bad environment and it's killing my soul. i feel very pessimistic about getting any better in such a smothering, chaotic and codependent environment. it's like living with adult children. all they do is pout and fight and sulk, give each other the silent treatment. they try to drag me in as a mediator or something. come on. you're 77, he's 30. grow the fuck up.

-i'm excited to go back to school for social work. i want to take all of my negative experiences and turn them into something to benefit others.